Make things easier on yourself.

White T-shirt: Zara, Jeans: Zara, Gold Plated Necklace: Accessorize, Z Collection, Metal and Fabric Bracelet: Joules, Hitchin

This is not a usual post for me but as we move through 2015 I think the reasons behind posts like this might become a little clearer but today I wanted to take the focuses off of how to wear certain Capsule pieces and instead take a quick second to focus on New Years resolutions and in particular, “Making things easier on myself and in turn on yourself”.

If you haven’t heard of Living with Intention and Jess Lively then today is the day that I get to introduce you. So Jess is a blogger, she’s been a jewelry designer, a business consultant and now she focuses on her blog and business, “Living with Intention: Designing a life & Business with Intention” which gives women like ourselves help and guidance on all things from running your own business, your career, family, motherhood and even lifestyle brands and popular blogs through podcasts, advice and interviews with herself and other women who are making their own way in the world.

I have been listening to her weekly podcasts on my ipod for a while now but last weeks one really hit the button for me and I really wanted to take this post to share it with you and how it ties into my NY resolution of, making things easier on myself.

Small Biz Fears, Struggles and Doubts with Becky Murphy, Jess Lively.+

So although this podcast really focused on the struggles with starting a new business and the behind the scenes, less glamorous side of business you really can take this podcast away and put it towards your own life, whether that is your career, motherhood or even just a personal struggle you’re currently going through.

My biggest take away from this post is this; we all want after different things and often when we don’t get the things we think we should have gotten we go straight to beating ourselves up over this perceived failure when in actual fact we should be focusing in on how its the accumulation of all these near misses that we are taught that we are more than the things that we think we should have. Furthermore often life doesn’t give us what we really want until we are actually ready for them. Whether thats by luck or because we are somehow subconsciously not ready for it and sabotaging our own efforts its important to step back, look at ourselves and say yes this is OK! I am more than what I have and I will get to where I am going eventually, and at my own speed.

This was really a massive learning curve for me this last year as I learnt to let go of these perceived failures and instead I am now trying to focus on appreciating myself for who I am now and putting faith in, it will happen when you are really ready for it to happen which is not necessarily now or exactly when you want it but you will get there.

This really is a great little podcast, I often listen to it on itunes but I also sometimes listen via my ipad at lunch so take a listen if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or left behind as I promise you this really is an up lifter!

P.S are you just loving my strange mix of DVD’s/Books/Magazines over there? haha I swear I do live with Josh even if you can’t see the stacks of graphic novels all over the house! But on that note who else got completely addicted to Smallville back in the day? We are currently re watching from the beginning and let me tell you its been incredible!

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