The Capsule Wardrobe | Embellished.

Blazer: H&M, Scarf: Accessorize, T-shirt: Zara, Skirt: H&M, Heels: New Look, Bag: Zara, Watch: Michael Kors, Gold band on right hand: Accessorize, Z Collection,

Scuba skirts. At first I was apprehensive, I mean the material doesn’t exactly scream sexy but somehow this material works wonders. This embellished skirt is a scuba skirt and quite honestly, I’m in love.

I never made a plan to buy an embellished fancy skirt but when, during the christmas holidays myself and Joshes family went to Bluewater on a sale excursion this skirt literally, (true story) jumped up of off the racks and into my arms.

Why it works wonders is because it holds its shape wonderfully and is excellent for anyone like me who is missing their washboard abs. (They are there obviously, I just like to hide them, I would hate to make any of you jealous . . .) So I plan to wear this skirt now as often as possible. It may be a little over fancy for the day to day but who said that would stop me?

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