Infinity Scarf: Accessorize, Long Line Jumper: Next PLC, Black Dress: Gap, Blue Suede shoes, Clarks

Weekends, eh? They never are really long enough. These photos are actually from last weekend when the weather really wasn’t playing ball. At least for my hair that is. Would you believe that when I left the house I had actually had perfectly curled hair? Yeah, me neither.

This last weekend we took the time to try and minimise our weekend chores. I never realised how relaxed I was in University until I found myself in the working world desperately trying to have a life, buy the food shopping and clean the house all at once. So to make things easier this weekend we took a weekend off of chores, obviously we still needed to do a food shop but hoovering? yeah, no thanks. The bathrooms will just have to put up with a quick spray down after showers and that’s it. Another thing we had to minimise was blogging time, so I hope you don’t mind hearing about my weekend!

We have called the past weekend a Jess/Josh weekend which basically means we have given ourselves permission to look like slobs, eat whatever, whenever and pretend that the real world doesn’t exist and for two days we had ourselves a little bit of weekend heaven, the best.

but now. Monday, can I get a egh . . . .

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