The Winter Capsule Wardrobe | LBD

Black Blazer: Zara, Black Dress: Gap, Brown Belt: Fat Face, Black bag: Primark, Red Heels: Clarks.

The Winter Capsule Wardrobe | Essentials, LBD.

If your rocking your capsule wardrobe you’ve probably made sure that you have all your basics under control. Whats more basic and needed than a little black dress right?

The little black dress to me was never a necessity. This may come as a surprise as many women put a great deal of emphasis on having one of these in their wardrobe and yet for me it never worried me, why? Because I usually had a black pencil skirt which could be paired with a black shirt or failing that I would simply go for an alternative colour and not worry. However upon seeing this dress it was like the stars had aligned and here we have it! A little black dress.

Is the little black dress an essential for you? Or do you have any other dresses which are a must for you?

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