Christmas Casual

Buy this outfit: Black T-Shirt, Zara (went to find this online and couldn’t? Its in stores however!), Plaid Shirt: Gap, Denim Jeans: Zara, Boots: George, Asda, Tote (old): Accessorize.

During my fall capsule one thing I kicked myself about not adding was a plaid shirt. The one i’m wearing above is from Gap last November (2013) I absolutely adored this shirt from the get go and if other girls blogs is anything to go by then most of us love ourselves a good bit of plaid! Although this blog is too young for it I’m sure If I had have been around in 2010/11 I probably would have loved the gingham trend as well! What is it about stealing one from the boys that we all love so much? Boyfriend jeans, the white shirt, gingham/plaid? We all seem to love taking our Q’s from the boys! and I have no problem with that!

Although I really missed this look during fall (plaid always goes with those autumn colours and pumpkins! Am I right? I am actually pretty glad I waited since this one is really warm! I probably would have over heated would I have worn it, even in early November!

. . . Continues below

I would also like to introduce you to my winter capsule jeans! Again Zara came through and saved me! You can’t see it too well in these photos but they have a cut in the knee and is distressed throughout which I really love for this winter! Plus myself and my work colleagues have decided that this is a must have top from Zara (again!) after we all found we had it in our online baskets! Annoyingly once I went to find it for this post, I couldn’t so I am sure it is somewhere online but its also in stores for sure.

What I love most about this outfit is its so great for winter weekends and chilling I think this will more than likely be my go to while we are off for Christmas! Speaking of christmas! Can you believe that there are only a few days to go? I feel like this has crept up super fast this year! and to think this time last year we were already in India! So mad about where this year has gone! But before I get gooey, have a fantastic weekend and see you all Monday!

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