Everyday workwear with glitter . . .

Buy the look: Shimmer Crew Tee: Gap, Necklace: Accessorize (2014, Feb) Others, Black Harem Trousers: Next, Pointed heels: New Look other.

Why just wear work clothes when you can have glitter in your T Shirt?

So when I bought this top from The Gap a few weeks ago I immediately thought, black pencil skirt, work dinner this Tuesday. However upon putting on the skirt and top combo I realised that no, unless I planned on taking this look to a nightclub and possibly as a 16 year old trying to look ‘sexy’ I was not going to be pairing this with a jersey pencil skirt from H&M which has in recent years decided that it is now its life mission to slide as far up my thighs as it can make it.

So failing my original idea I was left wondering what on the earth am I going to wear it with? Well firstly I think that primarily this is a great T-shirt to be worn at home lounging! I plan to pair this with PJ bottoms on lazy Sunday afternoons with Josh but I also realise that to make anything a good investment in a smaller wardrobe then it has to be work wearable, after all I spend most of my life at work (sad but true.) So this item needs to be wearable for more occasions so say hello to how to make everyday workwear exciting!

As you know I love a good harem trouser (mainly because actual trousers aren’t really big fans of me!) So pairing them with a T-shirt? Thats like not even getting changed after breakfast! Add a pair of pointed heels (or flats) and I think this is another of those work keepers! I have always loved the smart casual approach of having a piece of soft jersey paired with workwear so although these trousers are also jersey I’d like to keep the illusion at least.

Lastly, what your really interested in, that white fuzzy bag. This bag has a bit of a history with me even though I have only actually had it since Friday night. You see when I bought the pink fuzzy bag (so much faux fur in my life!) I asked my sister in laws advice only she thought it was this one! I obviously went on to buy the pink one but my best friend Becky bought this for me for Christmas but I promise boo I’ll share it with you also! 🙂

How are you guys dressing up the last week before Christmas do you have any tips for making your workwear festive?

4 thoughts on “Everyday workwear with glitter . . .

  1. Sara says:

    I legit laughed out loud reading your first paragraph. We’ve all been there, right? An outfit that makes perfect sense in our head winds up looking so very different when we actually put it on. Too funny.

    Liked by 1 person

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