Capsule Revamp | Christmas Edition.

Time for a Capsule Revamp! Only guys, its Christmas so you know what I thought might be more fun? 30×30 style christmas outfits! From work to  party on the blog and on Instagram I am hoping to share my favourite colour schemes, outfit choices and style notes for the festive season!

Houndstooth Trousers: Zara, Lime Green Jumper: Primark, Waterfall Coat: Next, Booties: New Look, Furry Bag: Zara

Can you believe we only have around 6-9 blog posts left until the greatest time of year? Thats right I have turned into one of those people, the Christmas obsessed. I’m not obsessed per say but I have certainly developed a love of all things Christmas in recent years!

I’m not a massive fan of the shopping fiasco and the trying to come up with amazing presents but what I do love is the Christmas feeling, I love seeing the pretty lights and having a christmas tree and decorations in the flat, I love christmas meals (even brussels), cider, carol singing, traditional christmas music (not a fan of anything mildly eighties and beyond however!) But more importantly I love spending time with our families and of course Christmas fashion!

The only problem I have at this time of the year is that I fall in love with all these gorgeous fabrics and styles only to find that when I get to the stores that nothing really well, grabs me? Yesterday I stood in Asda with a mini dress entirely made of sequins and I felt nothing . . . My whole trip had been to find sequins and they were staring me in the face and nope, not interested enough. So as I fall in love over and over again with all the other bloggers incredible festive outfits I was concerned that I might fall flat. However it was then that it occurred to me, why not keep in with my capsule wardrobe and share how I will be remixing my existing wardrobe for festive styles this season? First up is a work look!

I love these houndstooth trousers from Zara and I can’t believe that I have finally found the illusive trouser! Black works wonders when it comes to winter & christmas parties but I feel like this zingy yellow really makes a simple outfit more of a standout! Furthermore I really love how by simply adding a great pair of heels can take this look from the office to a party or at least evening drinks!

Are there any occasions your still looking for this christmas? If so comment below and Ill try coming up with a look for you!

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