Capsule Wardrobe Wrap up and Announcement.


It finally here guys I have hit the three month mark of my first capsule wardrobe! In three months I have gone through a myriad of emotions when it comes to this challenge. From loving it and wanting to throw everything else, to feeling useless and like I wanted to pack it all in to going back to loving it again and my feelings now.

So your questions might look a little bit like this;

Is this the end of the capsule wardrobe?

Will you do it again

How would you change it if you did it again?

and here are my answers;

Is this the end of your capsule wardrobe? No. The strangest thing that has come out of this experience is this, my wardrobe no longer really feels like a capsule wardrobe. Why? because somewhere along the line my capsule wardrobe quite simply became my wardrobe.

I am not saying that I am a minimalist, could I live on only 40 items for the rest of my life? probably not, but neither am I intending to go spending mad. The Capsule Wardrobe was like hitting pause and it has reset my thinking and beliefs for when it comes to shopping and dressing.

Will you do it again? In a strange way yes, but as I have always done. I don’t believe that I will stick to anyone else’s rules. I know for one that I like more than 30 items. I may never be a minimalist but I learnt something else far more important to me and thats this, building a wardrobe should take time. I don’t need and I shouldn’t feel the need to create a hundred pieces strong wardrobe in three months. Its why I don’t believe that I will ever only have a 30 piece wardrobe because in time I hope to invest in such great quality, timeless pieces that I will have great things that I won’t want to throw away because I have hit a physical number.

Furthermore I will because I believe in continually doing capsule wardrobes because they make dressing easier, they allow you to have a colour co-ordinated wardrobe which is easy to dress from. It also makes you focus on your own personal basics that are imperative to you and your lifestyle to be carried out both easily and fashionably. It is not enough for me to do it just once and walk away because over my lifetime my wardrobe will need to change for a multitude of reasons including, different financial situations, weight gain and loss, babies, careers changes and just simply getting older! So will I do it again? Yes, yes and yes!

How am I going to change the capsule for winter 2015?

I intend to be less focused on numbers and more on quality and the amount of times worn (while not over spending/shopping and having too many items!) Quality is also a massive factor that I need to focus on in the new year! Especially shoes. I have had enough bad shoes to last me a lifetime!

I am hoping to continue using the rule of three, three pairs of trousers, three shirts etc, etc, etc. Again while not trying to be too liberal with the rules, its a slippery slope!

Minimise shopping opportunities. Shop less and focus more!

Not purchase any accessories, especially scarves. Looking in my house right now all you will see is accessories! I don’t know why but I always go through stages of buying certain items over and over again (as you know) But at the moment it just seems like there is no end of gorgeous bags and scarves but I do of course realise that now I really need to stop!

Now lastly I have a small announcement! In the run up to Christmas I have 12 hand knitted headbands for sale over on Etsy! This all started last weekend and in one week I made 12 that are now all up for grabs! On top of that I am also donating a percentage of the profits to Dementia UK which helps those suffering from Dementia afford a dedicated nurse who is trained to look after patients suffering with all kinds of Dementia.

To find out more you can check out my fresh new Etsy store here!+

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