The Capsule Wardrobe | taking risks and colour co-ordination

The Capsule Wardrobe | taking risks and colour co-ordination.

On the other hand of being sensible is taking risks. These outfits can be considered either genius or a hot mess in mere seconds. I like to think of this one as genius. I am sad to see that these Harem trousers have only once made an appearance on the blog in this capsule. I think without India that they may have made more of one had I had more time. In real life however I wear these a lot. Not discouraged by the weather or whether or not these are seasonally appropriate the harem trouser has simply become my version of work trousers. With only one exception, these feel like Pyjamas.

As an apple you all well know that I have spent a great deal of shopping time trying to find smart work trousers that work for me however the reality is this, big enough in the waist means wide enough in the leg to feel like I am being drowned in fabric so my lucky, well its pretty much worn out.

Instead these tick all the boxes. The only downside is the obvious, baggy knee situation however! These work particularly good with a bit of ankle showing, so heels, brogues and shoes are key to working the harem trouser! Although I have tried to work in boots they are never quite as successful! Last minute of course I added a hat (ever the accessoriser!) and I think it works pretty darn well . . .

My other realisation this week? My capsule wardrobe started working really well for me once I worked out my colour scheme. As I think most early adapters of the capsule wardrobe did we chose primarily neutral colours. Well heres reality, I suit colour better than black and white and I feel better for it. So finding, purple, red, camel and blue was a break through and if my blog is anything to go by I am now a bit concerned that I may just fall a little bit into a rut . . .

For the winter season I plan to introduce a couple of variants including a lime-y yellow and blush pink. I am also trying to minimise how much black comes into my wardrobe its quite a harsh colour so I feel that it minimising what you can do with it on a day to day basis.

What I am interested in is how to keep your colour scheme interesting without falling into a colour rut or feeling like your wearing the same thing over and over again without having a massive wardrobe.

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