Simplicity Dressing | What the Capsule Taught me.

Blazer: F21, T-Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Zara, Heels: New Look, Bag: Zara.

Simplicity dressing | what the Capsule taught me.

Let me tell you what the biggest thing is that I have learnt from having a Capsule Wardrobe for three months. Everything you buy, everything you wear needs to suit you more than it needs to look pretty in your wardrobe and it needs to be wearable every day of your life. So in bullet point form it looks a little bit like this;

– Everything you own needs to suit you, perfectly.

– Everything you own needs to suit everyday of your life.

Pre capsule wardrobe this outfit would have never happened. Did I own the pieces? Sort of. Would I have thought that it was ‘fashion’ worthy? Never. Why? Because I always believed that to dress well you needed to have something a little bit different and I also thought that lots of layers meant better style. I have all the casual basics but nothing that could been worn past our house or on the weekend. Flash forward to the Capsule wardrobe and I have purchased Tee shirts that are flattering and are wearable for both home and work.

This outfit is everything that a capsule wardrobe needs to be. Its smart enough for a Friday in the office, workable for friday night drinks and even a smarter weekend outfit. Its everything that I wanted to learn from having a Capsule wardrobe and finally at the three month mark I think I may have finally begun to learn how to dress casually without looking a hot mess (or like I have walked off of the set of the first Jersey Shore.)

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