Why you should buy faux fur and other impractical accessories

Have you ever heard of the expression “So and so makes the man?” If so then I have to tell you, accessories make an outfit.

As I have discussed before I have repeatedly tried the route of simplicity but the reality is, on me an outfit never looks as good as when it has an array of accessories. There is something that just makes adding something unexpected or jewelled that is able to take something simple to the next level and beyond.

Even with the recent trend for minimalism there is still space for carefully chosen accessories. That delicate stack of bracelets or layered chains all add up to great accessory choices that build more than just a simple outfit.

So Faux Fur? Its just been a need folks. Sure I wasn’t entirely sure where I could wear these items at first but now I’m not sure that there is ever an occasion where I wouldn’t need to wear a faux fur bag or stole!

This outfit is a great example and was my original idea for Christmas Eve. A pair of skinny jeans and a large comfy jumper seems like the dream to me. I could have just left it at that since this coat offers enough style on its own but adding one fur item? So not enough! So here we have it, bag, stole and some small gold jewellery!

Now I do also want to add that after only about two months use this coat is bobbling and malting like mad so I have to say if you are still looking to buy it from Next that this is more of a wear occasionally or just for the one fall/winter season as I am not sure its going to be in the greatest condition to continue into our next winter! Which is such a shame as I was hoping this would be a keeper for longer!

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