How to transform a skirt and tunic into a dress.

Blazer: F21, Tunic: Dorothy Perkins, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Heels: Clarks.

So have I become obsessed with this silhouette? Well, maybe but only a little. Before the other week I couldn’t even pull the shape together and yet now it seems like it’s everywhere and all that I wear!

In October when we got back from India I suffered from the dreaded, Capsule slump where I honestly found putting an outfit together to be the most complicated thing ever. I could no longer safely re wear my summer dresses and skirts with no tights? Well they left me cold by the end of the day. But a couple of weeks ago it finally started clicking again.

Maybe it was just that the second half of my capsule suddenly became wearable with the colder weather but as if I flicked a switch I found myself dressing again and suddenly pairing my flippy skirt with a tunic? It all made total sense. It’s funny because I had been trying to find a fun and different way to wear the tunic for a long time. I love it but I think tunic’s can be a little limited. You can half tuck them into trousers/jeans etc wear them over or with leggings but prior to this I felt that that was all they could do and I had begun to view them as a little boring . . . So when I finally pulled this on for a date with Josh I was shocked to realise I might have finally cracked it! Finally found a way to wear a tunic with a skirt! What do you think? A goodun’ or a not such a good one?

11 thoughts on “How to transform a skirt and tunic into a dress.

  1. therealjlow says:

    hey, thanks – I was pretty impressed with this one myself! haha. I think if your top heavy like myself that anything which balances me out is always a keeper! In regards to India, my in laws actually live over there so it was a case of mixing a holiday with seeing family! 🙂 x


    • therealjlow says:

      hiya, so sorry for the long wait on a reply my phone will apparently ok comments but not post my replies! Ack! We went to India as my in laws to be work out there so it was a holiday for us and to see family 🙂 Back in the UK now though! 🙂 Jess x


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