Accessories: Colour Study

Scandal, Faux Fur Scarf: Accessorize, Leather Gloves, M&S, Purple Bag: Accessorize

One colour that I appear to love at the moment is purple. I want to mix it in with my cobalt blue shirt, with faux fur, my purple skirt and my new gloves and silver spaceboots (hello next weeks outfit post). I also love mixing it in with leopard print, with greys and silvers and warmed up with camel and denim.

Purple it seems is my colour of the season, Capsule wise it takes up most of my colours with small hints of bright blue and red, plenty of black and a few bits of camel! Along with excessive accessories buying I think it may just have to be one of the things I stop buying! At least for a little while! I wonder what my next favourite colour may be, mmm .  .  .

More Purple below!!

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