Outfit Fifteen | All the colours.

Camel Coat: Next (Tall), Shirt: M&S Collection, Skirt: M&S Collection, Shoes: Clarks, Bag: Zara


When I first found blogging it was all about colours! Everyone had this love of bright colours which they would wear with clashing pride! Fast forward to Autumn 2014 and its less colour and more about greyscale. Don’t get me wrong, I love the chic simplicity of greyscale but sometimes I need  a little more colour than that!

I personally believe that colour is more flattering on most people myself included and so when I bought this skirt and top from Marks and Spencer’s at the beginning of my Capsule I knew that I had to wear the two together. Sure purple and cobalt doesn’t scream. “Put me together!” but I actually think this works rather well.

Now I hate to bring this up but look at this furry bag, isn’t it, lets be honest . . . the best? I adore this fuzzy little thing! I actually went into Zara shopping for my bosses birthday present initially when this little bag literally jumped into my arms and screamed I am the dream accompaniment to your coat and gloves (purple leather, just wait until Friday!)

The only problem with the one that jumped into my hands was that had a tiny bit of matting so I ended up ordering this beaut and having it delivered (which btw came in a box and tissue paper, it was a beautiful moment!) and I really haven’t regretted it. To the point that it may have even been in bed with me for my nap on Sunday afternoon!

Now I obviously love colour but what are all your thoughts on the great colour clash of November 2014? This I think might be my favourite outfit of this capsule so far! However on Fridays post I am notching it up again, its getting classy up in here!

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