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So I wanted to take today’s post to say a quick thank you to my lovely Guest Writers over the last couple of weeks. Going abroad on holiday can be a mission for anyone but when your balancing your day job and a blog it can turn into more of an ordeal than I could ever have of imagined.

It was last minute when I went to these girls and prayed that they would all say yes and I am so insanely grateful that they were all able to step in and take the pressure off! I cannot believe what fabulously written posts therealjlow was graced with over the last couple of weeks and each of them encapsulated in these posts what I love most about themselves and their own blogs and I hope that you all loved them as well!

I appreciated so much how this time allowed me and Josh not to freak out too much about photos and finding internet to get out posts while trying to figure out how to use the ipad – flickr does not work in the same way with Apple product as it does with Android unfortunately! It also gave us some time to switch off which seems petty – You only post three times a week! Gah! But its surprising how much effort goes into those three posts even when I haven’t quite hit the nail on the head!

We had an amazing time out in Ahmedabad and Goa thats not saying we did much! Mostly we enjoyed being with Josh’s folks and floating in the pool in Goa, eating fresh seafood (Josh and his mum had the biggest prawn I think I have ever and will ever see, seriously it was like the size of a smallish lobster!

We got to go and see Elephants which was incredible and walked around a spice farm learning all about spices, there uses and that Vanilla is insanely expensive surprisingly! (Honesty? I didn’t listen all that much I apparently don’t deal well in heat! Okay, at all.)

(Major thanks to my Mother in Law to be for the lovely Elephant photos!)

We also got to go to a local golf club in Ahmedabad for a celebration (to do with the full moon, my apologies that I don’t know the correct name!) where we were invited to dance. Me, terribly but I did entertain the vast amount of women trying to stop me falling over my own step ball change, the only move I remember from countless dance classes as a child. While Josh got into a complicated dance off where he literately was shot into the air like a cannonball it was the funniest and strangest thing I have ever witnessed in my life, sorry Josh. Unfortunately we don’t have any footage of this but I am pretty sure its on Youtube somewhere, it was that good. They also had hanging bird cages in the trees of this event and although it showed me how events are events wherever you are in the world (aka, all events have the same aesthetics once you’ve been to one or two!) it also made me want lights in the trees for our wedding if we end up with an outside venue!

So you probably thought I would have huge amounts of photos right? Well surprisingly not! It seems that every time we go we get so caught up in just being in the moment that photographing every little bit of it seems to just get in the way! There are a few more photos that I have in back up which I will more than likely post to Instagram randomly, to keep you all on your toes! So keep an eye peeled for that!

But back to the real reason for this post, THANK YOU’s! So another massive thanks goes out to the girls and their fabulous posts can be found below!

Julie from Cap and Gown Style shared a part of her Capsule Wardrobe, here+

Aimee Dewar from The Plymouth Blogger spoke about returning to Education as a Post Graduate, here+

Gemma Leader from wrote an insightful piece about her job as a Museum Professional, here+

Emma from 5 foot 10 blog talked about starting a tall fashion blog, here+

and finally my best friend from University and inspiring Baker, Rebecca Fiedler wrote a must make recipe for how to make florentines! here+

On Friday I attempt to dress up a simple Jeans and a T-Shirt and let me tell you in involves Faux Fur!!!!

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