Outfit Eleven | Chasing Waterfalls (Coat Edition)

Camel Coat: Next, Striped T-Shirt: Primark, Jeans: New Look, Flats: New Look Similar

“Don’t go chasing Waterfalls . . .” Unless they are in a camel, teddy bear material in which case. Run like hell and catch it like a Pokemon.

When I think of a long camel coat I think of my mother. Its the one style that feels synonymous with my mum. I’m not even sure if she has had more than one camel coat in my lifetime but its the image that has stuck with me for the longest time that therealmumlow wears camel and wears it well. While hers is over sized and reaches mid calf, mine is shorter and features a waterfall design. This would never fly with my mum since she likes to be well wrapped up, but for me? I am willing to take the hit of cold for its flattering fit.

As a larger busted lady the waterfall coat and jumper is the most flattering. Softer and more distracting it doesn’t scream breasts! like a buttoned, double breasted one would and this loose styling is also great when you desire a coat that can take you from the office to weekend jaunts through the countryside. The only time I may suffer will be when it snows. This version does button at the front with a single silver catch but the coat loses somewhat of its aesthetics when latched. In the colder weather I intend to invest in something with a cashmere blend maybe even with a rolled neck for those snow days and a heavy winter scarf or, maybe if Josh allows me, a quick dip into Zara might find me a faux fur wrap.

After all with a big stand out detail like the waterfall you can’t just add a silk scarf and be done with it. No! The only way is up or out as it were out and a long, thick fur could just be my ticket into real coat, glamour.


p.s. Its also Halloween!!! (already? what? what?) I’d love to say I have some big celebration planned but I don’t! So maybe instead I’ll just eat vast amounts of sweets and watch scary movies. Yup, sounds like a Friday to me.

5 thoughts on “Outfit Eleven | Chasing Waterfalls (Coat Edition)

  1. Katberries says:

    Oh that coat! It’s very flattering on you. I saw it online and loved it so I went to try it on at Next. It looked great, but when I did it up…not so much. I get cold quickly so I couldn’t justify getting a coat I can’t wear done up, even if it’s so nice and soft. So I’m still hunting for the perfect one. Anyways, I wanted to say I like your outfit, it’s a classic!


    • therealjlow says:

      Oh my gosh Kat, tell me about it! So cute undone so hella not cute done up! Honestly, I went for the coat regardless because I am happy wearing last years coats in say the snow etc and I felt like I could always (and this is terrible shopping wise) buy a cashmere blend jumper/sweater to wear with the coat and change at work. Which shouldn’t be the case but I just loved the length and waterfall style. Another thought of mine was the idea of adding a button under the waterfall section and customizing it a bit, which I might do anyway 🙂

      I’m glad you love the look! thanks for popping by!! Jess


      • katberries says:

        Haha, any excuse to get a cashmere jumper right! Apart from the excuse that they’re like…£80 a piece. Not a happy price. {Although, surprisingly enough, Tesco’s got some nice cashmere jumpers for I think £60} Still, I’m thinking, I better put that £60 towards my dream coat – which I found, in the US and obviously doesn’t ship to UK. Story of my life. I’m after a big wrap coat with a belt, they seem super cosy.
        Good idea – customising this waterfall coat though, did it not come with a belt btw? Or perhaps you could just wear those huge blanket scarves on your front and you wouldn’t get cold. I’m sure you’ll find the right way 🙂


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