First week blues.

My new blue Elephant dressing gown from india . . .

The first week back is always the hardest right? It doesn’t matter that you love your job or you’re majorly excited to sleep in your own bed, eat your favourite foods and not worry about ensuring that you have antibacterial hand gel in your purse constantly the first week back? But the first week back? Forget about it.

Unfortunately life won’t wait for me to go on vacay indefinitely but it will let me make the everyday that bit more special and I thought why not share a few of my favourite things along the way, so here goes here are some of the things that I will be wearing and using to make the first week less blue and a little more colourful.

My smaller make-up bag (again from India)

Accessorize, Leopard print scarf, Burgundy Hat, Marks and Spencer, Beaded Necklace (India)

Snuggling down with our new quilt . . .

And finally? A fancy Lipbalm, Facial Moisturiser and a bright lip to perk up the other day and then a great candle for an end of week bath*, can’t get better than that right?  

*I will of course bathe daily as well as on Friday – I just wanted to clear that one up for you!

5 thoughts on “First week blues.

    • therealjlow says:

      Heya! Thanks! We did, it was nice to get away! Although I realise I am not the biggest fan of uber hot humid heat!! haha – loving coming back to the cool winteryness!!! Now in desperate need of festive coffee however! hehe 🙂 Hopefully I will get photos up soon!!



    • therealjlow says:

      I’m actually not sure! I’ll check when I get home but I have a terrible feeling that it’s not! 😦 it was a pretty fancy store for Ahmedabad standards! Opps! Way worth it so comfy! Xx


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