Capsule Wardrobe Thoughts | The First Month

The first Month | Capsule Wardrobe

If anything, I feel like I can hardly call this a Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. Not because its oh so easy but instead I have found the first month to be a month of realising that I did not in fact choose all the right things as I had previously thought. Some things weren’t seasonally appropriate or I even chose too many of one kind of thing which felt limiting after a week or two. For example I choose multiple slogan tee shirts including my fish and chips tee shirt and a striped “say chic” shirt from Zara. I had thought that these would be my most worn pieces instead I found myself more attracted to my plain tee shirts. Items that could work with both smart and casual and suit my style and lifestyle.

No such thing as too many, hey?

My one regret was not taking the time to buy smart trousers. It’s something I really want to rectify in the up coming months. The most important factor of my wardrobe needs to be, versatility. Although I am blessed to work in an office that allows jeans I don’t want to ignore the smarter side of my style. I know for a fact that it suits me so why didn’t I invest?

The realities of starting a capsule wardrobe every three months and giving up constant shopping is fitting in three months of requirements into two weeks. Starting this challenge with Julie we began in September, the new season had barely made a dent into the high street and our needs then look different to us already now, one month later. So maybe it was laziness or maybe it was that nothing stood out but I ended up with a pile of jeans and ended up out of the option of trousers.

Can I swap in trousers? Am I allowing shopping when the real need arises? It’s a difficult and on going question within the challenge. I’ve swapped out a summer skirt already, autumnal wedges, a logo tee for a navy basic even an oversized grey tee shirt seems worth swapping as it’s no longer the right fit. But where does this end?

Perhaps I’m making a big deal of this but I can’t help but feel that the first capsule is the messiest. Now that I know more I know not to just chose right now pieces but the on going everyday needs. Who needs a logo tee shirt for every occasion when you work five out of seven days? The answer? You don’t. You need two good shirts, two good smart tees, two good in between shirts and maybe then a decorative tee.

Moving Forward: A Curated Wardrobe

I bounce back and forward between my thoughts on the capsule. Have you noticed? My problem is I love the capsule, I love curating my wardrobe and making dressing easy but then I miss the fashion aspect. I think of my favourite fashionistas and I have to admit I have a pang of feeling like I’m missing out on the fun side of fashion.

I think a capsule wardrobe is great for the basics, it builds a fantastic foundation to any wardrobe but it doesn’t leave much room for fun, unexpected pieces. These pieces after all won’t go with everything if your staying true to the 333 project then if there’s only 33 pieces you may find an out there piece of clothing as not being worth it in the long run.

I know I want to keep my basics paired back forevermore (hello rule of three) but I also feel that there’s possibly room for leeway on those throwaway trends and exciting pieces going forward as well.

The benefits.

The best type of challenge is getting results. Like fitting into a smaller dress size when you see a big change it makes it all worth it, a hundred percent.

Getting dressed.

Is still oh so simple! I realise as well that I go through phases such as one week just wearing dresses (the same ones over and over) or wearing jeans at every occasion or my zara tee shirts on rotation and then it will all change again another week. But one success? It’s no longer so frustrating in the morning. Well, except if something’s in the wash of course!


My style is more cohesive, relaxed and pulled together.

The Wardrobe.

It’s tidy. Woo hoo!

And the big one? Monetarily.

In October (my first none buying month) with the help of India I have doubled my normal amount saved while having two weeks of funds still available for the rest of the month! What a success hey? I understand that with normal months I will be home for four/five weeks so this won’t be so easily done but it’s a nice benefit of the challenge!

How have your first months gone? Share your posts below!

As a side note you may have noticed that this post has come through incomplete that’s because my “holiday brain” has meant that with all my careful planning it got released in complete! The horror. Furthermore the formatting will be altered once I have access to a computer since my iPads not playing ball!

Next week look forward to posts from Emma at five foot ten blog and my good friend Becky who in between making Minions for her cousins Despicable Me cake will be showing you all how to make fabulous Florentines! If I don’t see you until then have a fantastic week!

3 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Thoughts | The First Month

  1. Julie @ Cap and Gown Style says:

    I say yes to both your questions- you can definitely swap or shop if the need arises. I think it’s just about being aware of what you actually wear and what you need. I’m holding off shopping now until I put together my winter capsule, but only because I don’t think I’ll actually need anything. I am getting antsy to start on my next capsule though, but it’s way too soon!

    xo Julie


  2. Dressed by Dressler says:

    I can relate to this. I often go shopping with a list of things I would like to add tp the wardrobe and come back with things I never expected. My rule is that I only buy it if I don’t already have something similar and it has to work with at least three other outfits I already own. Keep it up!


    • therealjlow says:

      Hi lovely! Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! I like the way you think I’m not entirely sure that the set capsule will necessarily see me through multiple seasons but it’s interesting to try and it’s nice that it is curbing my shopping and making me think more rather than less! You may have seen that this looks a little unfinished and that’s cause it is check back later to read more! (I blame holiday brain!) jess

      Liked by 1 person

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