India Holiday Capsule | Part Two

Holiday Capsule: Part Two

So if you remember last time I set off to buy the left over additional pieces for my holiday capsule and the list looked a little bit like this;

  • Forest Green light cardigan (H&M)
  • Denim Look Leggings (H&M)
  • Sandals (Next PLC)
  • Second pair of Harem Trousers (Next PLC)
  • Slippers
  • Light long sleeved Shirt

Additional pieces

  • Light weight white shirt
  • Bright blue striped Tee

I want to tell you that I am surprised by my own restraint. Since starting this challenge and keeping my perspective about what I wear and what I really want while saving myself from over spending I feel like I have been far more on point with holiday shopping this time. The sandals were a bust so rather than freaking out I am just going to pain killer up my foot and stick with the sandals I already own (and pray for minimal foot pain!) I said no to the cover up which although cute was unnecessary in the grand scheme of things and even put back a tee shirt when a white shirt from the mens department fit better and would be cute come the winter capsule or even switched in now!

Approaching shopping with a plan and a list is sometimes so much easier! In fact I would say if you are on a tight budget then always go with a shopping list! However if you have a couple of hundred that you’re not that worried about then sure go in with an open mind. However I think while trying to build a well worn and loved wardrobe you need to give yourself some guidelines to make sure that what you buy is beneficial to your day to day outfits.

This Green sweater from divided £7.99 was cute but at the end of the day was unnecessary and wasn’t bought!

I loved these Jeggings from the moment I put them on. Rather than a thin denim material these are just a denim print on leggings which make them uber comfortable and perfect for pairing with tunics and long tee shirts. For the holiday capsule this means I have an alternative from black leggings that look a little more covered (they even have pockets) which will hopefully mix it up through out the two weeks for when I don’t want to be wearing plain black leggings.

Lastly I loved this tee shirt, but at the time I just didn’t have the budget for it, it was still on my maybes list for a while however once I went to Primark with the Boy and found a light blue striped long sleeved tee shirt for £3.99 it kind of puts price into perspective and this was left behind as a result.

Next week I will give you guys the list! Yup, the one that actually came with me to India! I might be crazy but it currently stands at only 15 pieces for two weeks, which for me is crazy! I hope you are all having fantastic weeks and stay tuned for next week when I hope to introduce you to some out of this world bloggers and writers who will bringing you content from therealjlow for the next couple of weeks!

4 thoughts on “India Holiday Capsule | Part Two

  1. Julie says:

    I can’t wait to see your finished capsule for your trip! I think 15 pieces for 2 weeks is totally doable. I tend to overpack for trips and usually just end up wearing the same outfits over and over again anyway!


    • therealjlow says:

      I think last time I’m pretty sure I just lived in one pair of harem trousers and two tee shirts! Hopefully this time it will be more wearable! I’m gonna selfie the crap out of myself if it is! Haha xx


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