Textured Slip Ons and Weekends . . .

Get the Look: Leopard Print Scarf, Accessorize, Grey Tee: H&M Divided (in store), Jeans, TRF, Zara, Pony skin slip ons Next

Let me start by telling you about our weekend, it was, in one word, awesome. I wouldn’t say that we are anti-social but we do love our odd weekend spent at home just doing nothing . . . This was one of those weekends. Instead of chores and running around the country, we officially took this weekend off. I didn’t even clean our bathrooms (which is pretty unheard of around here these days and I may live to regret that decision in a few days!) but in the end our weekend allowed us to get the food shop and eat tapas with movies on Saturday and for the first time this summer/autumn we managed to have a nice cycle ride out in the country side and then we went out for milkshakes in the afternoon like the adults that we clearly are.

So the best things to wear for a weekend like this? It is of course jeans and a tee shirt. I am now officially wearing everything capsule wardrobe and these slip on pony skin trainers are fast becoming my favourite piece in the capsule. That being said, I’m sure by the time the cold weather hits us (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen for a while!) I’ll be all over those silver booties and telling you that they are now my favourite!

But until then I’m going to wear the life out of these shoes! Whether it’s a dress, a skirt or jeans you really can’t go wrong with some pony skin shoes!

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