The Capsule Wardrobe | Autumn/Winter 2014

It’s official. I have created and will be living with a Capsule Wardrobe. Below are firstly the clothes that made the cut and then beneath that my own thoughts and rules on the challenge. Before going any further some pieces are missing because they were in the wash! And the other thing you may notice is that I may be switching my jeans/trousers around so by the end I should have two pairs of jeans and two pairs of smart trousers. But you don’t want to hear me chat! Beneath are the pictures and where everything came from!

Tops Part 1

1. White tee-shirt Zara, low scoop Autumn/Winter collection, 2. Navy Striped Tee shirt, H&M divided 2013, 3. Cobolt Blue shirt, M&S Collection, 4. Stripped Tunic Dorothy Perkins Feb 2014, 5. Grey slub Tee shirt H&M Divided, 6. Blue and white striped with chambray back Primark 2014, 7. White sleeveless Shirt Next 2012, 8. Pale Blue Chambray mens shirt H&M 2012).

additional un photographed, 9. Fish and Chips tee shirt Zara sale 2013, 10. Zara striped “Say chic” tee in the sale 2014 and 11. a dark grey tee shirt from H&M divided.

Jumpers and Jackets for Autumn/Winter 2014

1. Purple cardigan from Next 2008, 2. Long line brown cardigan Next 2013, 3. Cobolt blue jumper from Gap Sale feb 2014, 4. Burgundy jumper from George Asda Winter 2013/2014, 5. Grey waterfall jumper George Asda Winter 2013, 6. Pink patterned H&M Blazer/Jacket January sale 2013, 7. White ‘kardashian’ blazer Topshop sale summer 2013.

Dresses – 1. Red H&M Summer basics Summer 2014, 2. Wine red infinity scarf, Accessorize summer sale 2014, 3. Navy H&M summer dress basics summer 2014, 4. Leopard print scarf accessorize Summer 2014, 5. Black Gap Maxi dress sale summer 2014, 6. Blue patterned dress Monsoon Summer sale, 7. Fur stole winter 2012, 8. poppy head scarf Topshop 2011.


Current jeans, 1. Zara Boyfriend Jeans summer sale 2013 & 2. blue New Look Jeans winter sale 2013/14, change in Jeans 1. Blue lidl jeans & 2. Black Zara Jeans, 3. Harem trousers Next winter 2013, 4. Yellow daisy Dorothy Perkins skirt summer sale, 5. black and grey stretch skirt Dorothy Perkins winter 2013, 6. Purple M&S Collection mini skirt

Boots! 1. Knee high black leather Next Boots summer/autumn 2013, 2. Taupe George Asda boots, 3. Silver Next “Spaceboots” 2014, 4. Brown New Look Ankle boots 2013.

5. Red Heels, Clarks Winter sale 2013/14, 6. Flat leopard print shoes from New Look in the Winter 2013/14 sale, 7. Black pointed heels from New Look 2013 and finally 8. Pony skin slip ons from Next new season. I am also allowing an additional pair if wanted which I think may either be a brogue or a brown pair of knee highs.

How many pieces? Roughly about 40-42 not including coats, work out gear and lounge clothes and basics such as under tank tops. A major missing piece is my new camel coat which I am super excited to share!

My rules and thoughts for the capsule challenge

I think I have now written this post a thousand times. A capsule wardrobe for anyone who loves clothes is probably one of the scarier prospects other than say fire taking everything away. I have gone through my reasons, discussed how I would do it at length with Josh and I have come to a conclusion. Every girl (or guy) undertaking this needs their own rules. To make these rules I personally needed to decide why I wanted to pair down my wardrobe and how I would achieve it in the long run.


  • I want to make dressing easier and less frustrating.
  • I want to be able to develop a consistent and personal ‘style’
  • I want to buy less but love what I do buy, more
  • I want to save the money I used to spend on spontaneous purchases or ‘doubles’ which would ultimately not get worn and be waste of money and instead save this money for our mortgage/wedding/travel funds.
  • and ultimately feel happier with what I own and wear.


  1. Carefully go through my wardrobe and throw out anything that isn’t worn (for whatever reason) and anything that I don’t like.
  2. Pull out the items that make my heart sing (& are seasonally appropriate) and put them in my separate ‘capsule wardrobe’
  3. Looking at the remaining pieces, decide what already makes successful outfits and what is needed to make more outfits in the long run.
  4. Make a list of essential items that I need to own
  5. Make a list of what I already have and want to have which are more fashionable and add interest to my essential items.
  6. Abide by the Rule of three
  7. In the short term shop more but buy less, buying better quality essential pieces (that are required now).

What I hope to achieve;

  1. In the long run I hope to be able to shop less buying only seasonal updates and replacing essential pieces. Save more money by buying less and in the long run develop my own personal style.

The Rule of Three

I want to make clear that this is not a diet. I don’t want to feel deprived and I also didn’t want to just throw away all my existing clothes so instead I used an amended rule of three. On un-fancy Caroline addressed the idea of getting bored with a set amount of clothes. Here she told readers of how instead of picking blindly, pick three items in each section for example; tee shirts. Choosing one basic, one in between and then one statement piece. I can personally describe this best with Ankle boots. My brown pair are basic, my taupe pair are in between and my silver pair are the statement piece. This rule of three worked perfectly when throwing away and has left me with three things in each section (roughly). So moving forward I have to be honest with myself and say well you can buy a new white tee shirt but you have to throw away the old one. For me I believe this will be greatly beneficial as it will force me to look at my purchases seriously before buying. Asking, is it better than what I already own? And if it is you have to throw out the old one! Simples.

Exceptions to the Rules

Like I said before I would hate for this to feel like a diet. there are of course always exceptions to the rules. For me this is if something falls apart or no longer fits it needs replacing and if it does need replacing I would rather do this than feel like im suffering. Furthermore, if it is a special occasion or special weather requirements, snow is unfortuntely just a fact of life so another long sleeved tee or wellies shouldn’t be denied if occasion calls for it. 

Next week I intend to share my first week thoughts and my (previous!) bad shopping habits in the hope that it will help me cure them going forward. In the mean time what do you think of the pieces chosen? Do you think it will be hard? Easy? I’m slightly scared that I will get bored of the colour scheme but we will see!

On Friday its all about mine and the bears favourite sunday walk attire!!

p.s. Julies capsule wardrobe photos are so much clearer and look incredible! Check ’em out here . . . 



16 thoughts on “The Capsule Wardrobe | Autumn/Winter 2014

  1. Emma says:

    I have those black knee high boots from next there fab. Although I was surprised when I looked in the boots that there actually made by new look. Wasn’t aware next stocked new look.


    • therealjlow says:

      It is for sure! Took me a while to wrap my head round it (I originally only wanted to split my existing wardrobe into individual capsules but for me at the moment (!) I’m happy I chose this! 🙂 xx


  2. missamyjackson says:

    This is such a good idea, although I don’t really see myself doing this now. Maybe when I’m older… PS, I love all of your tops, especially the stripy ones haha.


    • therealjlow says:

      haha thanks! To be fair at fifteen I think this would have been horrible! Its far more fun to be trying out all the trends! I do however reckon I had my very best (most flattering) jeans back then! 🙂

      well you will certainly see a lot of the stripes! (slightly obsessed!!) x


      • missamyjackson says:

        hahaha yes that’s true, I do love dressing up and stuff! And I definitely have the stripes obsession too, I’m currently trying to find the perfect stripy T-Shirt Dress! x

        Liked by 1 person

        • therealjlow says:

          I love the stripped T dresses!! Tell me where you find a good one! (I actually saw the incredibly over priced Topshop one that Beyonce wore – increds) But for a budget I bet H&M have some options! I like their new Cognac and black striped ones! x


    • therealjlow says:

      No worries I know the feeling my macs track pad likes to go every year it seems and makes the screen trip out! Haha

      I think you can! For me it took me mixing it up and making my own rules to really make it a realistic thing. I reckon the not shopping bit will be hard but I’d rather spend that money on life things instead – that being said I’ve also allowed myself some basics that I can buy if the perfect one comes along so it’s not completely cold turkey! 🙂

      Let me know if you think you will! I think we all need all the help and support we can get sometimes! lol xx


  3. Julie says:

    I love it! I’m so excited for us to do this together. Is your capsule taking you through November then? I’m going to try to get my first outfit post up here soon. I’ve been majorly procrastinating on it though!

    xo Julie


    • therealjlow says:

      Me too! Already finding a smaller selection easier! Got so many good ideas! Yeah the three months im hoping minus two weeks when we are in india. The only things I hope to do is switch out two of the jeans for smart trousers and replace my black blazer (such a state when it came to photographing I juat couldn’t! Haha) why the procrastination? It’ll be great! The best thing is if one doesn’t photograph well another will!! 🙂 xxx


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