Return of the Space Boots.

Buy the dress: H&M Instore, Buy the Blanket Scarf from Zara, the Belt from Primarni 2013 and The Boots from Next.

Before 2012 I had never even thought about Ankle boots. But after having bought my first pair (The legendary sparkle boots) lets just say I have never looked back. My extensive shoe collection would be nothing without them. In fact its fair to say that since buying that first pair I have worn an ankle boot every week for two solid years and that is saying something.

On the catwalk and in all the September editions of various magazines fashion has been all about having fun and whats more fun than walking around in a pair of space boots? Its probably my favourite thing about Autumnal fashion is its about texture and interesting fabrics so to add fun to the mix has meant some truly awesome finds on the high street. I love the unexpected nature of these boots, they make such a statement that I’m excited to pair them with a more neutral palette during the day and then make them stand out at night.

Other silver pieces I love are the holographic and silver clutch bags like this one from Stella McCartney and the silver flats from Russell and Bromley but in the end how could any of them compete with silver Spaceboots?


7 thoughts on “Return of the Space Boots.

  1. Julie says:

    I’m obsessed with those blanket scarves!! I need one in my life so bad. (I just ordered another pair of ankle boots too. I can’t get enough!)

    xo Julie


    • therealjlow says:

      This is the softest one ever! I had never even thought about it until I was in Zara yesterday when it just sung to me across the store! Haha it’s just a must! How did the capsule shopping go? Xx


      • Julie says:

        Ugh I wish I had a Zara where I live! I’m so jealous!!
        I’m still working on the capsule shopping… The problem is I keep buying new shoes and then can’t decide which ones to include. I didn’t realize until yesterday that I only have a week left until I start!


        • therealjlow says:

          I sometimes wish I didn’t! Would stop me just popping in! haha – oh no!! How many have you allocated for, 9? Watch out for Wednesday as I have mentioned you in my own capsule post! 🙂 From my own I’ve decided the only shoes I could buy for Autumn/Winter would be a pair of decent brogues or knee high boots but only in brown!! Times flying I can’t wait to see what you’ve picked! 🙂 xx


          • Julie says:

            So excited!!!!
            Yeah I have 9 allocated… It’s just so hard to pick. I had to replace a pair of ankle boots and i also kind of want a pair of shoes in leopard print but we’ll see. I already have plenty of shoes to choose from!


          • therealjlow says:

            Ah awesome 🙂 i’m sad cause I have pretty much hit my ankle boot quota for this year, working on the rule of three! I may or may not have counted 40 pairs of shoes but hey whose counting? Haha xx


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