Capsule Wardrobe: Building on Classics.

Build a capsule wardrobe of classic shapes

Hit pause on throwaway fashion

I realise now that my clothes have a drastically different purpose to what they had even a year ago. They need to take me from the train to the office to cycling around kent to dinner to awards ceremonies. There is less space in my wardrobe for throwaway fashion nowadays. Of course for high fashion theres still a need for the occasional piece but for a wardrobe full? I don’t think so!

More important for 2014/15 is having those basics that can transform from season to season and make anything they touch look effortlessly pulled together.

Parisian Chic. (with a twist.)

The french do it best.

If laid back, polished, classic and all around stylish just comes naturally to you then consider me officially jealous. I’m not one of those girls but I would like to be. To achieve this consider, a great stripe, some tailored cigarette trousers, a classic trench and a pulled together fedora with a red lip. All these are the key staples I want to introduce this year. It wouldn’t however be me without a small twist so I’m bringing back the knitted turban, the leopard print cat eye sunglasses and some unexpected colour/pattern clashes.

Paired with Bohemian tailoring

I fell in love with a waterfall camel coat.

I really want to focus on tailoring. I have the type of body that appreciates a great tailored piece. With little to no natural curves my clothes often have to work extra hard to create some. In an attempt to make this easier I’m on the look out for fantastically shaped pieces either that are well tailored or that have something a litre unexpected to them.

Think, masculine fit trousers (like my old wool flares) waterfall jackets in luxe fabrics, fitted maxi dresses and kimonos alongside high-waisted flared skirts and relaxed boyfriend sweaters.

Colour, Colour, Colour . . .

The Spaceboots said it best.

Know your most flattering colours. For me its autumnal colours and their bright counterparts so thats Burgundy with Louboutin red and fiery orange, navy blue with colbolt accents, rich browns and camel teddy coats, moody forest greens and neon brights with a splash of teal and not to forget the Kardashian jacket whites, silver space boots and pale pinks.

Phew, that was a mouthful! Next Wednesday is all about texture and pattern and lots of it!

All images used were pulled from Pinterest.

9 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe: Building on Classics.

  1. Julie says:

    I definitely think hitting pause on throwaway fashion is the biggest key to the capsule wardrobe. Then you’re free to fill it with great, classic pieces. I love the pics you pulled- the French really do have a great, classic style that I love!
    xx Julie


    • therealjlow says:

      Its crazy how this was pre written before I read your incredible post! I think we are on to something with this capsule wardrobe business! I think however that if I participate in your challenge I’d for sure have to allow myself some shopping but I reckon only for classic pieces that I have identified my wardrobe as actually needing 🙂 but I’m very feeling pretty certain that I may join you on this! 🙂 xx


      • Julie says:

        That is crazy! It would be great to have someone join me. I don’t think you have to follow any specific set of rules, just whatever works for you. Whether you include shopping or not it will be a fun adventure!


        • therealjlow says:

          I was just running through Carolines blog last night actually and I think with sone tweaks I could do it 🙂 it’s funny going through my wardrobe and then realising the colours I want to focus on are not all that prominent! Most likely the reason why I’m having all these problems! Haha xx


          • Julie says:

            I always try to buy clothes with color and then when I was picking out things for my capsule most of them were neutrals 🙂 I’m going to have more pieces than she does, but only because I couldn’t commit two just two jackets! (Especially with fall weather, two didn’t feel practical!)


          • therealjlow says:

            This is so true I made a mental list over lunch and everything was black and grey and of course denim! I think mine will have more to start too! Although when you split it down to three of each thing with one being basic, one statement and then one in between helps a great deal! Xx


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