Transitional: Summer Dress, Autumn Style

Have you ever written an entire post hit publish only to find wordpress has deleted every single word you had carefully written and you had not saved else where? Yes? Well that was me just a few moments again and quite frankly at this time of night? It was not appreciated!

So my apologies for the following words, it was better than this previously I am afraid.

So here goes . . . I bought this dress this summer with the idea to make it shift from our British hot summer days to being layered this Autumn and winter with cute knits and patterned jackets. I think what makes this so versatile is its colour. I am lucky that oxblood is a colour that does me a tonne of favours and is pretty wearable as I have read that many find it hard to wear. I think whether I’m making it warmer with navys, dark reds and purples or whether I’m lightening it with my metallic boots or my white Kardashian Jacket that this dress is going to be a firm favourite this Autumn. Especially once I get my purple tights involved!

Have you bought a great summer piece this year that you are going to transition into fall this year? If so link us below to cash in on the multi purpose action!

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