therealjlow, pretending to be brave.

slither of skin crop tops

Crop tops

Crop Top 2

Crop Tops 3

Crop top 4

There is absolutely no reason why all fashion shouldn’t be accessible by all. Fashion wise the crop top was my big hurdle this year. I wore it under dresses, over dresses but I was never daring to wear it as it was meant to be worn with a little sliver of skin on show.

So as its already August I took a deep breath and I did it folks! I wore a crop top with a high waisted skirt. I certainly didn’t want to wear it with more than just a sliver on show but thats because I’m not a small or skinny girl. It wouldn’t be attractive (to me) to do anymore. So instead I teamed it with a high waist skirt and here we are. Jess being brave.

For someone whose never worn anything remotely like this (not even a bikini) the sensation was so strange at first in fact I kind of relate it to going out naked in a dream. Extremely exposed!

So would I do it again? um . . . maybe. I liked it enough, it looks good on but am I brave enough to wear it day to day? Probably not. On a romantic night out with Josh or to go dancing possibly? But I don’t necessarily think the trend is for me. What do you think?

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