Dressed down, dressed up.

All dressed up

All Dressed up 01

All dressed up 02

All Dressed up 03

Blue dress: H&M,Faux Birks: Next, Satchel: Accessorize, Belt: Mens H&M 2010

You know me, dresses are a staple in my summer wardrobe. And last weekend it was no different. Me and Josh went out and grabbed Sunday brunch at Cafe rouge. Of course I could of just worn leggings and running shoes (my normal lazy sunday outfit) but you guys got lucky and I pulled on this dress instead.Granted I did still just pull my hair up rather than washing it again, priorities people, priorities.

On the side of belting the dress I know that a lot of people no longer like to belt dresses like this but I remember watching one of those dressing shows as a kid, it was maybe Gok or what not to wear but I remember them saying how belting over cheaper pieces gathering hides the signs of the item being cheap rather than designer. So ever since I have belted dresses like this to make them look better? Im not sure if it really works or not but I appreciate pretending to have a waist when Im throwing back a Croque Monsieur!

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