Tall Girl Problems | The Playsuit.

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Tall Girl Problems | Playsuits.

If you asked me a couple of weeks ago whether I would be wearing a playsuit this summer. I would have said no. Me? Never? But as it is I took a risk in Next one Saturday and somehow came home with a brand, spanking new playsuit.

Firstly it wasn’t even in the tall section so my hopes were not high at all but somehow it was long enough in the body, the pattern was cute and here we have it! The only downside of course is that it is a bit of a bother to get it off for bathroom breaks but other than that I see a great future for myself and this playsuit.

My first thought of course was the beach. What better to wear over your swimming costume than a beach styled onesie? talk about comfort! Then of course I extended it to time by the pool, garden parties? Then finally to date nights, the trifecta! The above I think will make a great date night outfit with the boy. Until that time however I have been wearing it around the house like PJ’s because that of course is totally normal!

Has anyone else found a great long bodied playsuit in the regular section? If so link it to me so we can share the love!

Playsuit: Next

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