“Say Chic” in a time of Sales . . .

Do you know what my favourite part of June is. Sales. Lets not pretend its all good weather, BBQ’s and evenings in pub gardens, I mean those are great parts of summer but its the sales that are my favourite, obviously.

This top is from Zara (all hail!) I have been waiting for the Zara sale since about the end of the last one to be honest and this time I went in to check out their boyfriend jeans. (The, most comfortable denim you will ever own! I promise you!) But in the end I came out with two casual tee shirts (lets not pretend this is my first trip, there may be more to come . . .).

Stripes may not be my best friend photowise – hello chest. But in real life I am obsessed with stripes and I have been looking for this kind of stripe for what feels like forever! Add some neon words and you’ve got me, hook line and sinker!

What are you guys all excited to buy in this years summer sales?

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