Shoes must.

Red Flats: New Look, Black Sandals: New Look Similar, Lime Green Shoes: Clarks on sale!, Lemon Flats: New Look similar (can you say lets add polka dots to that? I can!), White Birkoffs: Next

Shoes Must.

There are so many things in fashion that someone can turn to us and say, “You don’t need that” you look at them firstly of course with pure hate, I mean, how dare you? But then of course the reality sets in. Do I really need another pair of jeans? No, but I want them . . . But then we have shoes which to me are a totally different kettle of fish!

For example in winter you need a waterproof pair, you need the snow safe pair, the trecking pair, the running . . . you get the point. But then we have summer when we have an entirely different set of priorities! You need them to be cool for the hot days, smart for work, beach appropriate, date night appropriate you name it, you need it. Thats why I always tell Josh, shoes are not a choice, they’re a must and having as many pairs as possible is a totally viable decision. Right?

I love birks for the beach Red Points and Yellow flats for the office, black strappy sandals for hot days! and those beautiful neon yellow dollies for summer date nights and errands . . .

4 thoughts on “Shoes must.

  1. sophierbk says:

    Just got a couple of your likes on my posts – loving this blog! Always have room for tall girl fashion on my dash :p
    Also, I noticed you’d liked my TTYA post and wondered if you’d tried any of the products yet? I’m their resident blogger and am working on collecting together tall fashion bloggers to interview for the site 🙂


    • therealjlow says:

      You can never have enough I agree! Although it often doesn’t help my bank balance!

      So TTYA – I have certainly heard of the brand a while back but in all honesty what put me off is the price! You can see from my blog I tend to even avoid long tall Sally (mental I know) because I am on a smaller budget and have a love of more than less! Haha (it’s terrible for sure!) And then previously not having a store where I can feel the quality? It sort of put it to the back of my mind! I’m for sure going to be keeping an eye out on your blog for what others thought of their purchases! I would be interested to see what the general consensus is!

      Sorry I can’t help more at this point! Looking forward to hearing more!



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