If accessories could talk . . .

The Dress: H&M The Shoes: New Look Bag: Primarni, Belt H&M mens 2012,  That Watch: Michael Kors

My favourite thing about dressing? The little things.

I have always loved a good accessory. In fact I would say it has been a consistent feature of my dressing since I first started picking out my own outfits. As a child I would often go and visit my great grandparents and one thing that my Great Nanna likes to recall is how my great granddad would take me to what I coined as “the pretties shop” or to all of you who don’t speak 7 year old Jess that’s, Claire’s Accessories.

I’m not sure if I can even recall the items that inevitably came home with me but as a 20 something looking back, you’ve got to give my granddad mad props for putting up with what I assume was hours of brightly coloured plastic headbands. I had a forest green satin one which prominently features in my memories as one of my favouritist things like, ever. Even if my big head made it dig in uncomfortably. Oh what it is to have a larger than average head, the woe. Not forgetting of course the endless plastic bracelets (which secondary school totally ruined the fun of btw. Ick.) And lastly tiny, and again colourful, plastic, hair bands which you would go on to find all over your parents’ house for years to come.

Since then my style choices have evolved from the fun playfulness of Claire’s, to the more refined Accessorize and the various clothing stores that I love. I mean, who doesn’t go into Anthro just to stare at all the jewellery from time to time?

What I have realised however is that I tend to follow patterns. For example in university it was small, delicate pendants of kooky items, like umbrellas, kettles and all kinds of small animals, during sixth form it was big chunky bracelets and statement belts and necklaces which were all attention grabbing, throw away fun items that dated worse than a newspaper. Recently it’s been more about small basic accessories that are none fussy but still add something to an outfit. One of the things I just can’t live without is my brown belt above. There’s nothing more simple and classic then a great brown belt. I wear it knotted with dresses (like above) and with my jeans and a shame tuck. It’s my go to belt for all occasions, which is often paired alongside my long necklace which is in my next post.

I love my current choices but of course sometimes I long for the old days of the statement piece and the simpler days of headbands and bracelets. Maybe it’s strange but accessories seem to make time stamps in my mind, as if time can be recorded with just what I was wearing and because of that I almost can’t wear them again now because it’s like looking back in time and would it really fit with Jess now? The one who instead of granddad, drags her poor fiancé around her new favourite “pretty shops” The girl whose thoughts on a heavy necklace is now ouch, while the idea of a belt that could in anyway dig into you is a uncomfortable horror story. So I think probably not, but it’s nice to remember a time when they were my go tos and all the life events that happened around them.

I apologise for the tags below I have no idea how to stop them ack!

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