Mojitos on Mondays.

Homemade Mojitos!

So, we’ve survived Monday now what is better than coming home from a long day at work to a homemade cocktail with you besties or significant other? Oh yeah, nothing, nothing at all.

I imagine you all sitting out on beautiful decks and gardens or out at the pub and I am insanely jealous of you all. Unfortunately the boy and I can only have ours in our kitchen or living room, but I am pretty sure that in the future when we dread the thought of mowing the lawn we will look back on the days of standing in our kitchen making dinner with a homemade mojito and be insanely jealous of our present selves.

Making a Mojito is a relatively simple and fuss free cocktail. You will need;

White Rum

A Lime (or two)

Soda Water

Mint Leaves (fresh!)

Ice (crushed for a more ice based cocktail) or cubed (we used mojito ready ice cubes which contained limes and mint in each one)

And Granulated sugar

(You will also need a strong stick like object (think of one of those cute cocktail stirrers they have at your favourite cocktail bar or in the summer aisles in super markets should have them. You will need this to crush the ingredients above so it’ll need to be sturdy!)

For precise measurements check out this lovely recipe on the BBC.

Josh is the ultimate master of the mojito he stole his ideas from watching the mixologists in our favourite West India Quay bar, Browns.

He crushes a quarter to a half of lime in a glass with the sugar and mint leaves until crushed. Josh does this far better than me because he has more patience in giving the ingredients a better bashing. This gives the drink a far stronger flavour. Making sure you fully mix the tartness of the lime with the sweetness of the sugar and gentler herby taste of the fresh mint is the key to that refreshing feeling that accompanies any great mojito.

Then it is simply a case of topping up the glass with ice (crushed or not), one or two shots of white rum (we do two, opps . . .) and finished off with soda water, fresh mint and an un-crushed lime wedge.

and don’t forget your straw or cocktail stirrer, the more patterned the better! Now if that doesn’t make you wanna look forward to Mondays I don’t know what will . . .

Alternative Mojito flavours to try include, Strawberry & Basil, Pineapple & Ginger and White Peach. Do you have a favourite cocktail suggestion? Leave a comment below and a link to the recipe or alternatively email me at as I’d love to find new Monday cocktails to try!

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