Weekend Sand . . .

So we decided that this weekend we would go to the beach. Where I grew up the beach would have been a full scaled mission. But here, a one hours drive and we were there paddling in the sea. I think because of where I used to live it honestly felt like going on holiday for a day. As we sat watching Orange is the New Black I felt like I had an entirely different weekend to the one we actually had. It was like we had just had a couple of days of holiday not just three hours in the sea.

There is something so magical about being next to the ocean. In fact if we could have a house on the beach I’m pretty sure that I would be the happiest person in the world! Its funny how small things can make big differences on the week. This week our small things include a good cycle ride tonight and Friday and date night on Wednesday, heres to a great week full of little things . . .

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