How to wear a Croptop: Without washboard abs.

Scarf: A present from Josh Originally from Saudi Arabia but made in India, Dress: H&M (not yet online but in store), Crop Top: H&M (In store: Divided), Pointed Flats: New Look

I am under absolutely no illusions when I say a traditional crop top probably isn’t for me. No one needs to see my stomach, so not cute but is that going to stop me using the trend? No, no its not.

In the outfit above I am wearing a crop top. Living in England, layers are your best friend so using a crop top as a layer seems like the only logical step. The dress and crop top above are both from H&M and this outfit cost a grand total of £11! I was initially looking for a striped crop top to wear under this dress+ for work and play to hide my shoulders and bra straps but I just fell in love with the floral design of the one above. I had also picked up this cute dress and while in the dressing room I randomly layered the two and fell in love.

Josh actually chose the colour of the dress (and I may have picked up the black and the blue for the rest of the summer) My favourite thing about layering the floral crop top is it makes the dress so much more wearable. I can wear it with all three colours of this dress and I also have the striped version of this crop top which means endless ways to customise three very basic dresses. I always think that dresses are really complicated to switch around after all they are sort of a whole outfit in one so mixing them up regularly can become quite challenging so thank god for crop tops that can allow for more options this spring/summer.



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