Leggings: A no go?

Blazer: F21, Tee: H&M (forever ago), Denim: Zara, Sandals: New Look (similar which I might buy next. . .)

Leggings: A Big DO not?

When I first started therealjlow it was all about getting out of the university clothes and into work mode. I concentrated all my clothes buying efforts on work appropriate and grown up, off duty chic. I had one main rule which was pretty simple, no more leggings. I am proud enough to say that its been two years since and I haven’t bought another pair! (small successes here folks . . .)

However two years down the line and I was wearing the above when suddenly I realised that really all I wanted to be wearing was a good old pair of leggings. This isn’t the first time of course, there are certainly days now where the only thing I want to do is pull on a good old trusty pair with a long tee and sweater. Especially, when you have a rotten cold and its raining outside. There is just something so comforting in wearing your clothes from the days where, if you could just make it into class dressed then that was enough. Of course now at 23 things are vastly different, for example I can’t exactly wear just leggings and a tee around and expect to get away with it, right? After all a see-through pair of leggings should really be a criminal offence.

But it made me wonder what is the protocol for leggings when you’re older? I am personally a massive fan of the kardashian tied shirt thing. It just gives you that bit more coverage and its still uber comfortable! But is that acceptable? I can’t be sure, but I do have to be honest here if there are legging rules once you’re out of your teens then I have probably broken most of them, but doesn’t everyone?

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