Closet Swap!

Spring can on occasion put the fear into my heart. Why? Because a change in season means a whole load of fashion confusion. Your winter clothes are too hot, your summer clothes are too cool and you suffer from a small shoe melt down on an almost daily basis, right? Well at least I do so whats a girl to do? Well the wonderful asked me to participate in their May Campaign, Closet Swap where I share my ways to survive the dreaded wardrobe swap! I think with a few small tweaks its easy to take your favourite winter clothes into spring and summer.

1: Roll the legs of your favourite jeans.

Winters denim cuffed.

Paired with sandals and a tee shirt (or shirt/blouse for work) I love a cuffed jean. Especially since it gives your ankle that much needed draft when the sun comes out. This year I am loving a big cuff as seen above, for this of course you’ll need uber long jeans, my favourites are from Dorothy Perkins in either Bailey or Eden.

2.The thin sweater

Switch Thick knits to thin ones!

My morning train leaves at half seven and I get home from work at eight so although during the day I may feel like its summer already when I’m travelling to and from work a thin sweater or blazer to keep out the chill is a must! The above are last years favourites from H&M basics.

Oh shoes . . .

Slowly transition from winter boots to sandals. . .

Winter for me is all about boots, like my favourite black biker boots on the far right but spring calls for ankle freedom! My first step for changing out of full boots is a loose ankle boot. These slouchy boots were great for the colder days earlier in May and April. As it gets warmer of course dollies are a must! I prefer not to show my toes until it gets really hot so these are a great mid way point and a cheap one! My favourites are from New Look and range from £6.99 – £17.99 so throwing them out after summer doesn’t feel so much like a waste of money! Next comes the hot weather and its then that I’m pulling out the sandal. I am always looking for a sandal that won’t rub, stays on without hurting my toes and has arch supports I am trialing these faux Birks this year for at least short distances and they will be awesome come October when we go back to India. Their backless design are perfect for stopping by temples and museums throughout our stay while high enough to keep my toes somewhat out of the sand.

Black Boots: Next 2013, Slouchy Ankle boots: New Look 2013, Red flats: New Look early 2014, Birks: Next £20

The Perfect dresses:

With or without tights

Is there anything better than a dress? No, I didn’t think so! My favourites from the last two years have been from H&M this years is a just below the knee length number that got a great pulled in waist and fun print. I’ll pair this with skin coloured tights in cool weather and without as it gets hotter. I have worn this with ankle boots, flats and sandals.

I think the greatest thing about dresses is you can wear them paired with tights and leggings during the winter and yet unless they are knitted when summer arrives you can still rock your dresses! But of course you already know that! This summer I can tell the dress is going to be my main go to.

Last years was a mini but again from H&M and I have worn it so many times on this blog and you can see them here+ here+ here+ here+ in its yellow twin 

So thats the basics! The only thing I would add is a classic blazer, some heeled sandals for evenings and a skater skirt for those fun Saturdays!

So who are Raise? Raise are a market place which buys and sells gift cards. So whats better than a new wardrobe that you’ve found in your own closet? Well an actual new wardrobe right? On Raise, you can sell your unwanted gift cards and buy the ones you actually want! Ack! For more information on and their Spring Campaign with folks like me check out their site+ for more info . . .

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