Housekeeping . . .

I have hit somewhat of a milestone. I’ve almost used all my storage here on WordPress! Because of this I am learning the complicated world of embedding images so firstly my sizing may be out of whack for a while or there might be some images missing. If they are missing please do drop me a comment so I can rectify it. I am intending to go back through the blogs archives to replace images with externally hosted ones so past posts may be a little messy for a short while . . .

As far as this outfit is concerned I wear this far more often than I’d care to admit. I bought this top back in the last Next sale unfortunantely just as the weather turned so although I don’t really need long sleeves every evening when me and the boy go out for a walk it comes in handy! I also love how long it is and think it will be great for cycling next year in the winter. Paired with Ponte leggings and boots it was great this Saturday for a trip into town for a joint eye test because we’re cute like that.


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