Weekend Wears and Eats. . .



H&M Leggings, Black Sandals from New Look, Mint Bag Accessorize . . .

Theres no photos of me this week. Apart from these legs (they’re mine). So normally we do photos on the weekend of either weekend outfits or outfits from the week before and although I certainly got dressed this weekend we honestly just wanted to wear slouchies and do nothing (so thats leggings and a t-shirt for me, and a tee and jeans for the boy – or PJ’s, they were pretty prominent this weekend.)

Instead we spent the weekend cooking various Japanese and Thai food from The Hairy Bikers book, Asian Adventures.


Watching as many films as we could fit into a Sunday afternoon, Ted, This is 40, Worlds End and RIPD. On Saturday I baked a crazy cake which ended up a little bit like those forest gateaux cakes at Chinese buffets but I’ll share that on Friday with you all . . . (lucky things you!).


Blue Plate: Ikea, Black and White striped mat: Ikea

So instead of fashion we have well . . . Cakes, Katsu Burgers and my thoughts on cardigans so until next week dress fabulously! And if I can work out how to dress well and still walk into and out of work without turning into a puddle you might catch some of that action on Instagram but until then catch you next week stylish ladies!

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