That old Chestnut . . . (Dresses, Shirts and Brunch)



Shirt? New Look! (last year?), Dress: Dorothy Perkins! Currently on sale in stores! Shoesies? New Look (A great £7 investment!)


Im going to be honest with you gals and guys I was originally wearing a belt with this outfit, but then Cafe Rouge and a Croque Monsieur happened and I gave up on that dream. Who wouldn’t?

In other news I’m pretty sure we are all sighing a sigh of relief that today is Friday right? Seriously, for a short week I’m glad that there are naps and dinners with my bear on the horizon! If anything this weekend calls for a whole host of film watching, especially when I probably should be preparing myself for next weeks tube strikes! Joy of Joys!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekends! and heres to perhaps wearing a belt next time!*

*the more likely thing to happen will be brunch again, because you know eating trumps belt wearing any day. . .

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