tidy room


The other day I had a restless sleep. When I say sleep I meant I didn’t get any. No instead I kept dreaming over and over again about our bedroom (mine and Joshes that is. Not our bedroom . . . that’s a whole other room)

But in my dream it was as if dream me wouldn’t let me sleep properly until I fixed the room we were in. The problem you see is naturally I am not a neat person; I’m a collector and a pile maker. When I visit my parents it never takes long for my stuff to spread either. It’s in my nature and that of course means my house is no different. If I ever thought it as a child that I’d grow out of being messy once I started paying the bills I was wrong.

So there was me half asleep having to mentally clean our bedroom so that I could sleep. Just like imagining your body going to sleep when you were an overactive child this was almost comical. Especially the next morning I had to check to see if I had in fact physically cleaned the bedroom. I hadn’t, but from then on I realised something important. There’s a reason our bedroom becomes messy and it’s not a lot of different things cluttering, its clothes.

That’s because our room isn’t big enough for a wardrobe so we keep our clothes in the spare room. (Which is basically a slightly bigger than average closet) and the reason for why we can’t seem to leave our clothes just a few steps further away? It’s the age old excuse, we work 12 hour days we get in late, eat late, sleep late and wake up early it’s a vicious circle of knackeredness sometimes. Something that it isn’t helped by mentally having to tidy your room every night to go to sleep.

So finally this week I made the decision. No more clothes in the bedroom, no more piles, no more shoes, no mud corner from the expanding bike accessories collection. Only in our bedroom and en suite are we going to live such clutterless lives but even since Wednesday when I took away the piles and made our bed up with our favourite bed spread and pillows have I felt like such a weight lifted! Finally our bedroom was a haven of sorts somewhere where I could actually switch off for once. The next hurdle of course is mobile technology. Like most couples we watch TV in bed (The Goodwife, Luther, First dates anyone?) and often check Instagram and Facebook etc but I think back to our week in India and remember so much more peace brought on by simply being out of wifi range.

So here’s to a clutter free, calming sleeping space!

Heres a few of my favourite bedroom pieces for a calming bedroom . . .

The Quilt pillowThe throwdiptyque1

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