That Kardashian Moment.



Grey T: H&M In store Other, Chambray Shirt: H&M Mens, Leggings: Topshop Tall, Boots: New Look Wide Fit


Firstly I love this hedge row – talk about some good greens! So secondly my apologies for the endless posts in front of said incredible hedge. Lastly I am sorry, but I appear to have fallen to the Kardashians for style tips again and dressed like one of them. I’m going with Khloe – she’s my favourite, and tall, thats like doubly great.

I wore this out last wednesday for Mexican round our friend Pauls house and man was I comfy! there is nothing better than leggings, well unless you add that old ratty t-shirt and spend a day in front of the couch in your leggings and tee that is!.

This feels a little like a best of both worlds you get the great comfort and it doesn’t look too bad either! (I don’t think) and my new grey t-shirt – so much better than my old one! Its taking all my strength I tell you not to go in and buy it in the other colour – or maybe this one all over again but then again I have to remember I don’t know how well this will wash up and we know me by now don’t we? Grey t-shirt shrinker extrodinaire! I might even get that printed up now, keep a record or you know photograph all my ruined tee shirts and post it on the internet, that should probably do the trick.

also my left foot in the last picture . . . so strange . . . like a pelicans beak! weird . . .

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