One Handed Problems



Hat: Marks and Spencers, Blazer: F21 2011, Jumper: Next (Sale), Dress: Dorothy Perkins – this ones longer – mines shrunk, Leggings: H&M, Boots: Next (Autumn/Winter 2013) Similar



I am a girl of very few words today, I am also a girl of little style, wearing my gap jumper and leggings, it was literally all I could wangle on one handed. Its been an interesting week so far. Since slicing part of my hand off I have developed a small fear of drinking glasses (the culprit) and the sink still gives me goosebumps, brr . . .

Other than that, I have come to realise the many things you need two hands for especially since there is little more embarrassing than having your fiance chop up a banana for your breakfast since you couldn’t even open a banana if you tried!

If I could cross my fingers I would be. Instead, I’ll just pray that next week brings more movement again! Until then leggings it is again!


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