Running, Dresses & Global Warming all in one post!


Blue Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Belt: H&M (Old), similar (yes mens but who said they can have all the fun?), Bag: Accessorize sale, similar, More expensive, Blazer: F21 Similar Shoes: New Look


I think the sun has gone to my head. Why you ask? Well it could be because I find myself no longer capable of getting anywhere without rushing. The worst part is; I don’t even know why I am perpetually running – I get up at the same time, I am ready almost early and yet every morning I find myself running onto the train, running into the office, running out of the office, running for my next train, running for dinner . . . you name it I no longer walk to it, I run.

So during the week this dress is pretty useless but on the weekends . . . oh the weekends! I am one cool cookie. In fact we jammed so much in this weekend that I even chose to wash our car. Now if you know me you’ll know that car washing, not my strong suit. I was spoilt with a dad who loved his cars and made sure they looked good. Well that and I’m pretty sure he was just insuring that my messy mug of a car wasn’t bringing down the neighbourhood. (Or driveway, It probably was)

But then you know what happened? Monday. That’s what happened and so starts the cycle of running again. Oh global warming you are a cruel mistress!

4 thoughts on “Running, Dresses & Global Warming all in one post!

  1. Sandy Philpott says:

    Hi Jess,
    Can you help me? I want to find some cheap, flashy sandals to fit my big feet. I don’t have to be able to walk far in them. Where do you think I should look? Lots of love Nanna’s
    Sent from my iPad


    • therealjlow says:

      oh cheap, flashy but still comfortable? I am in love with Clarks right now if you order online and pick up from store you only have to pay for them if you decide to keep them. I love their ballet flats and these flashy numbers But they’re not the cheapest! (29.99 up . . . But they are also in wide fittings as well) Next is also great and again you can order them into the store for freebee post (’cause god forbid they have any size nine in store) I love these+ for wide not sure why they only do regular and xwide who knows? Heres the link to sandals in a nine!

      For literally throw away shoes that you don’t really have to walk in – way too flat for doing anything in New Look is my go to place especially in the sales! The Amazing blog All the Tall Things actually has a directory of how to find tall clothing stores and shoes which can be found here+

      Ack! What a uber long reply! Send me an email of what you end up getting I’d love to see them! For April? xxx


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