Polka dot! Polka Dot! Polka Dot Afro!



Faux Vans: New Look, Spotty Jeans: Primarni As seen here . . . (in store), Glasses: H&M 2012 Similar, Bag: Accessorize Other




Lets be honest this tee shirt is the devil. Don’t tell me you didn’t think grey jersey could be so difficult? Well neither did I to be honest but I have had a string of bad luck when it comes to grey T shirts recently. They stretch oddly at the bottom shrink upwards at a drop of a hat! You name it, it does it! So yeah this isn’t my best but at least there are polka dot jeans!

I found them completely by accident and I love them! so comfortable and they are actually pretty long! We just had a great hot (ok, ok I give, warm!) day that I just couldn’t go around with all my legs covered! This has probably been my favourite sunday this year so far thanks to the good weather (amung other things) I mean I went out without a jumper! and that my friends is something to celebrate!


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