A Little Sunday Extra (outtakes from the end of 2013)

DSC_0145 - Version 2

Ok Ladies, From the left! (1) Dorothy Perkins Stacking rings (Summer 2013) (2) Square Stacking rings Tiger (3) Third Eye Bracelet, Accessorize (Summer 2013) (4,5) Primarni stacking rings (pack of four, Summer 2013) (6) Gold and unknown stone family heirloom.


The Statement Necklace (1), Accessorize Autumn 2013

DSC_0157 - Version 2

Autumn, Statement Necklace 2, Accessorize. Primarni crossbody bag (this was the original, it bit the dust when a tube door decided to close on me one night – it also left a rather joyous bruise on my hip)


Trying not to let the winter in, My orange Samsung s4 case from Amazon, Orange and silver bracelet, Jules in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Pink and silver ring, Jules 2013, Neon Pink, beige and white infinity scarf, Accessorize.


This Gold Necklace is the ultimate in funky statement necklaces. I adore its beaten up appearance, the only problem is it has sort of fallen apart (a lot)- I spend most of my time fixing it!


You know when you get that great outfit where it looks great in person but crap in pictures? yeah, this is one of those! It also includes a lot of old clothes that you can’t buy now! . . . Primarni Coat 2012, H&M Top 2011, Leopard Print satchel 2012 River Island, Grey Jeans Dorothy Perkins Tall, Eden Jeans 2013 December, Grey wedge trainers New Look 2013.



While Josh snoozes Sunday morning away I’m watching Sex and the City wondering, why did I ever stop watching this show on the regular? Then I remembered, I live with a boy. The obvious solution would be to watch it in another room in the evening, but its one of my great fears that I might one day not want to sit in the same room as him every night, even if it means watching star trek, ps3 games or whichever boy programme is the latest hit, although that being said it is me that loves lizard lick towing so were pretty nicely matched!

Anyway I digress, I love Sex and The City it makes me wanna quit my life just to shop, wear incredible clothes, play dress up and go to lunch/drinks with friends, I mean thats the dream right? So to celebrate I went through my pictures (with a predominant grimace, I may add) and found the top gems that in October where going to be a post called all that glitters (props for anyone who can tell me what show that name comes from . . .). Then I found this grey outfit and figured what the hell! Sometimes an outfit doesn’t work out in images but as one that I wear in person I thought you guys should see it anyway, after all even carrie Bradshaw got it wrong occasionally!

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