For the love of chocolate and Downton Hats

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We went for a run yesterday. I instantly regretted it. It rained, school kids had just been kicked out of school and into the wilderness, a.k.a maidstone. It was a mess. On the upside, my friends think I ran 2.7 miles.

(I walked, totally walked most of it – but maybe I could claim that as being interval training . . . no?)

On the plus side Josh came with me. Someone to witness my lack of fitness prowess and today my joints hurt. I might just have to go in for early retirement. Its the only way.

I never understood those people out running anyway . . .

(If you happen to be reading this on Wednesday, I’ve probably gone out and attempted running again. They call it glutton for punishment, I call it running for chocolate.)

Downton Hat: Marks and Spencers, Waterfall Jumper: George, Asda (Still in store but not online), Necklace, Accessorize (In store), Top: George Asda, Jeans (Bailey), Dorothy Perkins Tall (Imagine these in black), Boots, Newlook similar.

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