Mo height, Mo Problems.

Prepare for this folks. Cause this is about being tall.

Today in the Daily Mail was in my opinion, a fantastic article. (Shocking, I know as this is the Daily mail of all people). But anyway, Janet Street Porter was talking about the woes of being tall and buying clothes on the High Street (affordably) and I just jumped at this article like a mountain lion. Why? Because she’s talking about a national problem that really is really, only getting worse.

High street stores now stock less tall sections as it’s all going online or not being made.

Now, underneath the article is also some really ignorant answers (as ever) now I wouldn’t normally comment on them. But honestly, I just couldn’t believe some of the comments. So I’m just going to say this and say it once.

Yes, the tall market is a relatively small one, perhaps there are more people who need petite clothes than tall, but I have one thing to say to that, you can hem trousers, tailor in dresses etc., etc., etc. but you can’t just add an additional strip of fabric to something, because it won’t look right. Hence the need for originally longer garments. There, that is all.

This as you may have noticed is a tall girl blog. It’s one reason why I chose to start this blog on top of TVC was because the stores were stocking less and less tall clothes. (I may add that I also hate online shopping, on top of being tall I’m not stick thin by any stretch of the imagination so I really need to try things on!! As I’m sure most sizes of women need to or at least would like the option to!

Why shouldn’t us tall girls be allowed to dress well, as well as the more petite of us? Do we not deserve trousers in a colour and cut other than black and bootleg? Do we not want to wear more that black and white basic tee shirts? More than Long tall Sally, as Janet said we don’t all want to spend a fortune on all of our clothes or have to search months in advance or spend hours and days, shopping. It’s just not cool, when all we want is a few more options within store tall sections.

And don’t even get me started on shoes!! It is one of my big crazy (shopping inducing) fears. That one day all my shoes will be ruined and I won’t be able to get any. You may think its irrational but it’s a real fear of mine.

I don’t want this to be a pity party because it’s not. As you can see I’ve managed to get myself dressed and pretty successfully (I hope) just using the high street, so it is possible. I just think that it is incredibly important to keep raising these problems, as, if we ever want the situation to change. And also, for all sizes and shapes included if we want something we have to ask for it and ask loudly! Otherwise tall length clothes will soon not be available online either

And as everyone can probably guess, no one wants to see my stomach . . .

(No tall/long tops = many crop tops. The horror)

My pick of places for the best tall clothes . . .

Jeans: Dorothy Perkins; for the more stick like of us, do great jeans and their skinny jeans are actually skinny! (None of this ‘straight leg’ business). Next are great for the curvier of us. If you’re a pear shape or rocking some great hips these jeans are a lot more forgiving and great for balancing out great curves.

Runner up; Primark for those of you in those pesky in between sizes.

Basic Tops: H&M; although you might not expect it, their long basic tops are incredible. I think because they are meant to be dresses? But hey what are you going to do? I regularly tuck them into jeans like a body suit, or over leggings for at home or for working out. These tops are great for everyday and lovely and cheap.

Fun Tops; George for ASDA! I actually love this range and I’m just short enough to find most (- there are certainly exceptions to this rule) tops fits great. Cheap and a nicer quality than H&M actually.

Runners up; Next for none cotton based (talk about shrinking . . .), Dorothy Perkins on occasion, Primark (ok, so sometimes dresses as tops) for fashion that’s gonna be gone in a couple of months.

Shirts; Now, disclaimer. I am a big busted woman, I am under no illusion of that so for the blessed, smaller cupped women I’ve gone off a hunch on the second options because they are always a little bit too small on me which might be perfect for you!

For big busted, Marks and Spencer (regular range actually) and New Look / occasionally Next. i actually don’t need to much height in the body being 5’11 and short in the waist this isn’t my biggest problem area so these are lovely and forgiving. Also go for the loser fit if possible and an xtra large (I know, the shame) in Gap are amazing also for accommodating a bit bust for those days when you just wanna rock a good collar.

For the less busty, H&M, H&M!!! great patterns, cheap and cheerful what more do you need?

Skirts: I love Dorothy Perkins stretch pencil skirts at the moment. With the new mid-calf length fashion I often roll these skirts (like a teenager) to make them into mini’s, knee length and just below the knee . . . (haven’t found an amazing mid-calf one though, the sadness). But I have to be honest I have bought three of these and two from H&M so I’ll never run out of skirts!

Flippy/mini/mid-thigh Skirts; I have one from George which is near to great but . . . I still need to wear cycling shorts under this during summer. So I’m up for suggestions!

Dresses; All I want for Christmas is a mid-thigh dress that’s not Mumsy. When I find one I’ll tell you! For now I’m over wearing my H&M dress from last May and . . . tunics that are for normal girls, dresses, woe is me.

For a knee length skirts the body con ones from New Look are good, but not that forgiving I’m afraid. Long Tall Sally, Dorothy Perkins work dresses and Next I think are quite good for these but again online!! Also many cotton dresses from DP’s shrink as a heads up.

Shoes!! To try on Clarks shoes in person try Brantano, hard to find, yes but a blessing me and my mum have used for many years. Also if you check out their website Clarks have a great range that go up to I think 10.5 which is pretty good. My go to’s are Next when ordered online/directory for sandals and boots. New Look (because the Maidstone and Victoria branches both have size nines often in stock and even better on sale!). Long Tall sally for shoes up to size 10.5 (I think) for wider fits and more comfortable shoes.

For comfort for the older lady as these shoes are not high fashion try, Hotters. More expensive but for anyone with foot issues these are great basics I have a lovely pair of dolly shoes that I don’t need to clench my toes to hold on which is great!

Important to note; For all of you like me out there, there is one huge and important thing to do and that’s talk to your local stores and ask! I’ve spoken with my local New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Primark and Next about what lines they get in. As well as what their forecasts look like in regards to tall clothing. This is great because it means you find out from the store what’s happening. So instead of automatically thinking they are stopping the line maybe they are just waiting for a delivery, only get certain styles during the sales etc?

Also I know from experience with my local Dorothy Perkins that when you make a purchase you can put in feedback online about what you’re looking for and what you’d like. Here, I also spoke to the manager who said she’d report back how much I loved the tall jeans line which is one small step for keeping these lines in store!

So I guess what I’m saying is, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!” and don’t forget about your local small business retailers that might be more likely to get clothes in for you!

To read the article and some not so helpful comments you can find it here+

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