Confessions of a style blogger gone mad . . .



If you remember, a couple of weeks back I mentioned that I had given up shopping for three whole months. Well ok, I gave up buying clothes, specifically. Mainly because its them that I have a problem with.

You see, I over buy. My mother calls me ‘a collector’ its never just one, I like to collect lots of the same. Although I’ve somewhat managed to train myself out of buying the same outfit. (in Uni/College) I bought a lot of leggings and long basic T’s, now theres a uniform and theres plain boring and even . . . unfashionable. 

This year, I went through several big changes. I left university for one (2012) I moved from my parents home and down the country to Kent and moved in with my boyfriend. I also began working in London. All these things combined have meant that I have both learned how to shop better and more precisely and then at the same time, how to buy too much with too little thought.

The turning point, (and this is shameful) is when I ended up standing in h&m trying the remember what the hell the two skirts I bought yesterday looked like. I knew one, but not the other. If you ever get to that point, you know you’ve gone to far. 

I also remembered back when I lived at home, and I mean with my parents. We would only go clothes shopping about four times a year, thats every season perfectly covered. I shopped well then and like every girl needs, I had my perfect shopping buddy who could tell me to only buy what well and truly suited me. 

Luckily Josh is a pretty god substitute, only he couldn’t be there to stop me all the time so I went a little wild. Don’t get me wrong, my shopping instincts are far better now than during uni, I stopped ‘collecting’ and started only buying very different items to what I already owned but there was always the odd thing that didn’t suit me and was more of a want rather than a need, but overall? The problem was quantity. In particular, quantity over quality. 

So I took it upon myself to take myself out of harms way. I gave up clothes shopping for three months. I have more than enough clothes to sink a battle ship and its time for me to look at what I have bought over the year, the good the bad and the ugly. Its also going to give me the time to see what gets worn and what doesn’t and if its not worn, it gets chucked. Josh is thanking me now! 

So far I have successfully done a month. I have saved a good amount of my wage and me and Josh have been able to eat out, we’ve had weekend lunches, brunches, weekday breakfasts, coffees etc . . . and this might shock you coming from a style blogger but not buying clothes has made me calmer? I get to enjoy my weekends more without addictivly thinking how will I get into so and so shop . . .

This month has been a good month, I’m not saying I haven’t bought anything I bought some accessories but in the grand scheme of things it was a small percentage of what I have bought in the past.

This is a scary post to write and its one I think bloggers really suffer from. We would all probably like to keep our shopping habits under wraps but theres far too many stories of women hiding purchases from their partners and lying about how much they spend and you know what i’ve realised? I don’t want that.

I want Josh to know that when I buy clothes that both I and we can afford it. After all, we would like to buy a house and that takes serious, serious saving. Something that we couldn’t do if I’m spending it all on scraps of fabric that won’t be worth their thread in a couple of years. Similarly, I also don’t want to make this blog into an unrealistic portrayal of a woman’s wardrobe. Thats just not the reason why I started this. I started this to be able to use my wardrobe in the most effective manner. To get the most out of the best and almost the least . . . 

Quality over quantity. And although I’m ashamed of the amount I let myself buy last year if I let you all know what I’m doing then theres no turning back. No shame and ultimately a better, more rounded life and experience. 

From here on out, when I buy a new piece of clothing its going to be something I love and that looks great and will stand the test of time. So this will be my gift to myself. How to clothes shop sensibly, with restraint and without it overtaking everything else in life. and the best bit so far? I inspired one of my best friends to cut down on her clothes shopping as well! Maybe theres something to all this sensible shopping after all . . .

So thats my piece, our normal schedule will return later this week! Also to come is the opening of the first Phoenix and the Lion store, some craft projects and some homewares and housey things . . .

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