Hot mess.





Hot mess thursday.

Today has been one of those days. The one where I wanted to wear my slouchy bf jeans but couldnt find a decent top so I ended up wearing this monstrosity.


I can’t show you more, its too terrible. Yes I rolled up my old skinny jeans overcowgirl boots . . .

The above is a sensible outtake from the weekend. If I’d have had any sense this morning I would have reworn this. But I dont actually know where these jeggings are right now.

See thats the problem you get when you’ve worn nice outfits all week then have somewhere to go and forget how to dress yourself!

It also happens when your clothes no longer live on their hangers but instead are piled in a need to be washed pile on the floor!

But thats a story for another time . . .

Happy hot mess thursday!!

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