Jrizzle’s back!! (But not my rapper days thankfully)





Hello post on the go!

Its been too long! I feel like we all need a couple of coffees and catch up for hours . . . But instead I’ll give you the short version of whats been and whats to come!

Well I have been away to cornwall and devon, witnessed my mums new shop opening, turned 23 (ancient), seen the incredible “about time”, eaten too much exercised too little and slept just enough so successful I feel. Oh, and I went and saw the amazing Paramore!!

The things to come though thats the exciting part!

A post on vintage antique and new from phoenix and the lion on TVC.

The reason I’m not buying clothes for the rest of 2013

September resolutions (in October, obvs)

And lots of remixed fashion!

Hello fall, I’ve missed you and your crisp new starts!!

See you all soon!!

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