Were going to the beach!


If you know us, firstly were sorry. But secondly you probably know that we have a thing about ducks, ducklings to be precise.

What started out as a joke easter present turned into a full on obsession with those cute yellow ducklings and two duck’s, duckie and lil’ Duck. Your feeling sorry for us now right? those poor silly fools, pretending to be adults while having conversations about their duck children. That are in actual fact duck plushes from Sainsburys and WH Smith.

I’m not exactly helping my case now am I?

See this is what happens when you have to rent a flat and can’t have pets. We reflect our needs on duck plushes. But anyway this is not the point of this post. You mean I had one? why yes, yes I did.

So heres the point. We are finally going away on holiday!! yay!!! it feels like we have been waiting for years rather than, well ok, quite a few months. So i’ve gotta admit this week has been a bit of a mess I can’t deny it were incredibly one track minded. It has however helped us become quite comedic in our own home at least with conversations including the line “If Dawson (dawson’s creek) married Tom Jones . . . It would be strange” and me burning myself on a pan of hot sausage rolls exclaiming, “Its hot! I need to touch something else . . .” so normal . . .

But anyway you don’t pop by for that so I give you an outfit I’ll most likely wear again for my birthday this Tuesday . . .

CSC_0185 CSC_0182 CSC_0181 DSC_0161 CSC_0180 CSC_0179 CSC_0178 CSC_0177

Skirt: Monsoon

Top: Next

Bangles: Monsoon

Belt: Next ’09

Watch: Michael Kors

Josh: Mine, hello?

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